PETS Travel Scheme 

What is the PETS Travel Scheme? 

From the 1st January 2012, dogs and cats have been able to move freely between PETS-scheme approved countries without a qualifying blood test following the rabies vaccination, providing the following conditions are satisfied:

  1. The pet must have a permanent microchip implanted. The chip must meet ISO specifications so that it can be read by any standard microchip reader. 
  2. The pet must be vaccinated against rabies after microchipping (but not before 3 months old), using an approved vaccine. Boosters must be given at the manufacturer's recommended intervals. 
  3. The pet must have a PETS passport signed by an official veterinary surgeon, confirming the conditions have been met.
  4. Some destinations need additional export certification or other requirements before admitting your pet - the best way to check out the details of the requirements of the destination country would be to email  
  5. Following the initial vaccination date before travel there is a 21 day wait before travel abroad and /or entry into the UK is allowed. 
  6. There remains a statutory need for a veterinary-certified tapeworm treatment prior to embarkation back in to the UK. 24-120 hours before the return crossing to the UK. 
  7. On re-entry to the UK you are also likely to need to sign a declaration stating that your pet has not been outside any of the qualifying countries. 

For further information on the PETS travel scheme please take a look at the website here

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