Weight Management 

Are you looking to get yourself and your family healthy this year? We offer our very own weight watchers for dogs and cats, the sessions are free of charge and very informative. 

 Dore & Totley Veterinary have teamed up with Hill's™, a leading pet food company, to run an in practice weight loss club, especially for your cats and dogs! You will get all the support and guidance you need in helping your pet shift those extra pounds which will help your pet live a healthy life. 

Once you sign up to our weight loss club, you will receive a booklet which we will record all weight loss and body changes in and we will discuss which diet plan is best for you and your pet. We then ask that you visit us regulary for free weight checks, until you feel settled in to the new diet plan. When you are both settled, we ask you back every so often to keep a record of any more progress. 

Once fully signed up you will receive money off vouchers for Hills™ food and your pet will feature online and in our practice on our wall of weightloss fame, as well as receiving on going certificates of progress.

Please continue to read for more information on weight issues.

Is my pet overweight?

Too little exercise and feeding your pet too much food will cause your pet to become overweight. A pet which is overweight has increased risks of serious conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and breathing problems. All of which can be very harmful to your pet, and are very costly conditions. 

Sometimes it is difficult to notice if your pet has become overweight, however you may have noticed a few of the following signs that could be linked to their weight -

  • Ribs cannot easily be felt when running your hand along your pet's side 
  • Loss of an obvious waist 
  • Collar needs loosening 
  • Difficulty in walking 
  • Shortness of breath 
  • Sleeping more than usual

What can cause weight gain?

Weight gain is primarily the result of an increase in body fat. This is usually caused by eating too much or eating the wrong types of food, combined with a lack of excerise. However, there are some other contributing factors -

Age - older pets are usually less active so need fewer calories

Breed - some breeds are more likely to gain weight, for example Labrador Retrievers, King Charles and Cocker Spaniels and many mixed breed cats.

Neuturing - because this procedure alters the metabolism of pets, they can gain weight.

Medical problems - very occasionally weight gain is associated with a medical disorder that may require specific treatment.

Did you know?

Giving your cat just 1 glass of milk is equivalent to a human eating 4½ hamburgers!


Feeding your dog 1 slice of toast or a small plain biscuit is equivalent to a human eating 1 hamburger!





For more information or if you think your pet could do with loosing a few lb's, or even a few kg's contact us  today.



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